About Tristan

TJ pictureGreetings!  I’m Tristan Jovanović.  I’m a Reiki practitioner and a fitness trainer in London.

I first heard about Reiki when I was a child.  One of my mum’s friends was a practitioner and I was always curious about it, so when a friend of mine offered it to me to help with a medical problem, I readily accepted. It was a profound experience and I wanted to learn more.

Since coming into the Reiki community, I have developed a consistent practice involving meditation and self-treatment.  Reiki is more than just a method of healing: it is a spiritual path that helps the practitioner down the road to the discovery of the true self.  If you’ve never tried Reiki before – or if you are looking for a new practitioner – I’d love to meet you.  Reiki is a joy to be able to share with others.  It’s made a huge change to my life.  Let me help it change yours too.